1. Today I had one of the most profound experiences and while it lasted only a few minutes, it was still something that resonated with me throughout the couple of hours before I started writing this. I laugh at myself thinking about it now, but it seriously was something that I could not ignore. I was simply sitting outside while I ate a snack and was just watching the sky. If you know me, you know that if there is anything I adore on this earth, it’s the sky. I could honestly stare at it for hours on end. There was something about the way the clouds were moving and the hidden sunlight above them that just left me speechless. Naturally I decided to write about it (which I will more than likely post later on tonight). 

    During this time I felt insignificant. Of course, this sounds awful and should not be something I want to talk about to anyone, especially the internet; but this felt surprisingly pleasant. It’s true, we aren’t much on this planet, just a couple of bones and a few liters of water and skin. But there’s something that drives us still. Looking into that sky, I just felt so much more for life than I ever do. I get this driving passion that I can’t even begin to explain, I just feel so inspired. I feel like I’m just throwing so many thoughts out at once and not making sense. So let’s put this shortly I guess.

    After looking at the sky, I felt really inspired and the weight of the world was gone. We don’t amount up to much, but its our actions that speak for us, shout for us even. So yea, I guess what I really mean by all of this is that you can find inspiration all around you, you just have to look around you. 

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